Real Food Wednesday: donuts and bagels

Real Food Wednesday: donuts and bagels
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Okay, this morning we are making donuts because I saw it on a blog here and remember how much I loved when my mom would make us donuts for breakfast. Of course, we only got them on weekends because we all had school on the weekdays. I’ll post a picture after we are done, hopefully I’ll remember to get the whole process because you KNOW the kids will be helping!

Also, I need a recipe for a basic sprouted grain bagel! I could make it up, and I am getting sorely tempted to do so, but if anyone has a recipe out there I could much more easily do adaptations. We love Trader Joe’s sprouted wheat cinn. raisin bagels but I am tired of paying for 6 of them and having only 2 servings for my kids! Anyone?

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