Breakfast Idea

Breakfast Idea
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When cereal is not an option, every morning becomes a challenge to put a nourishing breakfast on the table that the kids will devour. My recent decision to go mostly Paleo has added additional difficulty. I mean really, how many eggs can a kid have before they just won’t eat anymore?

I still let my kids eat some grains, (sprouted of course), because it helps to round out my weekly meal plan…and well, to be perfectly honest, I am not a huge proponent of throwing all of your proverbial eggs into one basket…

Which brings us to this morning! (Well, not technically since it has nothing to do with grains…)
I was reading through one of the Paleo blogs which just has tons of food ideas and came upon one that I knew would work for the kids. And then I modified, of course.

I knew that the main draw for this breakfast would just be that each kid get’s their own individualized dish. The possibilities are endless!

So here it is:

First, heavily butter some ramekins, (raw butter for my allergy boy).
Add in some homemade salsa (ours is lacto fermented) or veggies, meat (we did bacon and chicken) and raw cheese (not paleo).

Lame picture that is blurry. That is bacon and chicken with a bit of cheese.

Crack an egg or two on top, add another tiny bit of raw cheese, some salt and pepper and bake in the toaster oven at 350 degrees for about 12-15 minutes.

My kids all had special requests. One didn’t want bacon, (I know, I know! I am working on her!), one wanted extra salsa, one only wanted one egg…and really, it is SO easy to make them exactly what they want!

Overall, it was a good response. My non-bacon girl didn’t like it, (duh! It needs bacon!), and only one of the ramekins ended up on the floor!

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