E31: Jim Valeri-Love, Grief and Alzheimer’s

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In this incredibly compelling episode, long time friend Jim Valeri talks to Tami and Tony about the love of a lifetime and his journey through the pain and grief of losing his wife to an unimaginable disease.  They discuss symptoms, potential precursors and what NOT to do when trying to help a grieving friend.  With Alzheimer’s disease rates rising, this show is so valuable in really expanding the conversation about those left behind in the process of the decline.

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Music by Steve Wilkinson

Post Production work and MC: Tony Chu

Tami will often end the show with a “blessing”.  Many of these are excerpts from To Bless the Space Between Us by John O’Donohue.

For more information about Tami: tamichu.com



Alzheimer's disease
early onset alzheimer's
Jim Valeri
symptoms of neurological damage

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