E32: Questions and Crumbs (Digging through the Mail Bag!)

Tami takes on listener questions in our first “Ask the holistic Nutritionist” Episode.  Some of the topics covered: Probiotics The microbiome Prebiotics Vegan Diet and Children Organic Farming and Pesticides Pots and Pans Bone Broth and more! Related Links: Fiber Chart with probiotics: tamichu.com Information on Fat and Vegan diets and children: The Big Fat Surprise […]

E31: Jim Valeri-Love, Grief and Alzheimer’s

In this incredibly compelling episode, long time friend Jim Valeri talks to Tami and Tony about the love of a lifetime and his journey through the pain and grief of losing his wife to an unimaginable disease.  They discuss symptoms, potential precursors and what NOT to do when trying to help a grieving friend.  With […]

E30: Courtney Foster-Donahue: From Actor to Entrepreneur

Courtney Foster-Donahue shares the story of how she went from professional actor to successful four time entrepreneur in just under two years, including the challenges and difficulties that led her down that very different road. Related Links: http://organiccrumbs.com/fleekweek Courtneyfosterdonahue.com Credits: Music by Steve Wilkinson Post Production work and MC: Tony Chu Tami will often end the […]

E29: Kristin Mitchell-Waiting for Diagnosis

Join Tami as she talks to Kristin Mitchell, a sweet and funny mom who is fighting an as yet undiagnosed degenerative muscular disease.  Learn what it can look like fighting insurance, finding doctors, living life with constant pain and an uncertain future, but all with a healthy outlook. Related links: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emery–Dreifuss_muscular_dystrophy https://www.jain-foundation.org https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK1323/ Support Kristin’s […]

E28: Chu on This: Associations and Meditation

Join Tami for another Chu On This Episode where she discusses how we make associations, how that changes our perceptions and what that means for our daily practices. Credits: Music by Steve Wilkinson Post Production work and MC: Tony Chu Tami will often end the show with a “blessing”. Many of these are excerpts from […]

E27: Erin Davy-From Corporation to Freedom

In this interview, Tami talks to Erin Davy, real food chef and former corporate worker bee who fought for the proverbial freedom and won her day.   Together, they discuss priorities, finding balance, life in the corporate world, and being able and willing to fight the status quo to find your happiness. Relevant links: Questions […]

E26: Chu on This: Why Fair Trade?

With Valentine’s Day coming up, Tami decided this was a perfect opportunity to talk about slavery.  Yes, you read that right.  Specifically, she discusses how slavery and chocolate are linked.  Tune in before you buy that holiday chocolate to see what you can do to support the fight against slavery! Related Links: Cocoa Farmers taste […]

E25: Fireside Chat with Tami and Tony 2-Filters

Join Tami for another “Fireside Chat” with Tony Chu where they talk civil unrest, the psychology of choices, the desire to be right, how mistakes can make art, and filters on what we take in and what we send out.  Yes, they touch on politics, but they also offer tips for dealing with the current […]

E24: Chu on This-Are you listening?

It turns out some relationships are more difficult than others.  The one with our own bodies seems to be the most challenging of all.  Join Tami as she takes on body image and listening to your body from the perspective of science and relationship. Related Links: Beauty Sickness, a TEDX talk http://www.cnn.com/2012/03/02/health/mental-health/beauty-brain-research/ Body Image and […]

E23: Chu on This- Are You Sleep Deprived?

Join Tami as she talks about a topic that effects us all: sleep!  How much do you need?  How much do you get?  What happens when we are sleep deprived? How can we get more?  What are some tools that we can use to increase our sleep and sleep quality?  All these questions and more […]